What is case opening in csgo?

Among the many elements that keep CS:GO’s millions of players engaged and excited, one particular feature stands out – csgo case opening website Bloodycase. But what exactly is case opening, and why has it captured the imagination of so many players? Case opening in CS:GO refers to the act of Continue Reading

Jewelry in Autumn Hues

{Alster Lake, Außenalster, Hamburg} I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about this blog lately.  {In part because of a <<FAB>> online blogging course I just finished.  More on that in a future post.}  I’ve realized that I’ve been squandering the opportunity to share one of the coolest things about my Continue Reading

Future in the Stars

Question: What do you think this object is? [Indefinitive] Answer:  Hat Stand.  Or random household decoration.  But it was in the “hat stand” section of the Berlin flea market where I bought it, so…. Ok, but why am I even asking you this question?  [In and of itself a good Continue Reading


If you follow the international press, you’ve heard that right now Berlin is the epicenter of artistic creativity in Germany – if not in all of Europe.  (I’ve heard tales of creative geniuses working alone for days in basement cellars of old East Berlin factories.  Maybe you have, too?!)  Full of Continue Reading