7 Party decoration ideas for baby shower

A baby shower is an important part of the pregnancy experience. During this important period, a woman sometimes lacks attention; she feels tired and misses the fun and parties. And a baby shower is a great way to remind her that she is loved and raise her morale!

If decorating your baby shower becomes a real challenge and you’re out of ideas, then we’ve got you covered! We have collected the best creative baby shower decoration ideas for you — from decorating a party with large latex balloons in all colors of the rainbow to creating a beautiful frame with touching ultrasound pictures. Have fun!

1. Balloons

Balloons can make you happy in no time, transform any interior and make any celebration special. It’s a simple decoration idea yet it’s extremely effective!

With balloons, you can:

  • create garlands, arches;
  • scatter them all over the room or, using helium balloons, decorate the ceiling with “clouds”;
  • create wonderful panels and magic backdrops for photoshoots;
  • use figures to create baby shower centerpieces;
  • decorate the festive table;
  • tie huge knitted pom-poms to balloons, decorate balloon garlands with bright paper elements, fresh flowers and plants, creating an amazing and unique decor!

2. Garlands

You can use garlands made of colored corrugated paper and kraft paper, coated or foil-clad cardboard, fine cotton threads, ribbons, etc. You can form triangles, circles, flags, or even hearts — it all depends on your taste!

Horizontal garlands look great on the walls (you can hang one of them right above the festive table), and vertical ones beautifully hang down from the ceiling.

It’s a great idea to attach the garlands to the helium balloons floating in the air so they will carry your garland!

3. Pom poms

Pom poms are made from paper, thread, yarn, nylon. The variety of colors and combinations allows you to create real masterpieces that are also so pleasant to the touch!

Bright colored pom poms will make your baby shower centerpieces, and tender delicate shades will complement the existing decor!

4. “Bodysuits on a washing line”

Hang bodysuits (use white or colored bodysuits) on a clothesline, make this composition a part of your interior. Give your guests colored markers and invite them to write heartfelt wishes for the unborn child on the bodysuits!

5. Frame with ultrasound pictures

It is so exciting to watch a baby’s development in the womb; so why not show this magical process to all guests? Use a frame, some wire, wooden clothespins to create this touching party centerpiece!

6. Table decorations

The beautifully decorated table always attracts the attention of guests, who will be throwing out compliments to you!

In addition to decorating the table with balloons and flowers, you can decorate tableware or dishes. If you are expecting a boy, roll the napkins in the form of bow ties and attach them to the tableware. If you’re expecting a girl, then decorate glasses and bottles with tiny dresses made from pieces of tulle in delicate shades.

7. Floral Photo Backdrop

Is there someone who doesn’t like to be photographed? A cool photoshoot backdrop is a win-win solution for keeping your guests engaged!

Set up a beautiful backdrop made of bright, colorful flowers (you can also add some greenery): it will serve as the perfect backdrop to capture the emotions of your guests and prove you’ve had the best baby shower party ever!

8. Decorating your baby shower party

Creating a unique design for your baby shower party is not that difficult: the main thing is to let your imagination go wild and remember that you’re doing all this to have fun and create unforgettable memories!

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