What to Do on a First Date with a Girl

Men are waiting for the first date with awe and anticipation no less than beautiful ladies or ukrainian women. Feeling their responsibility as the organizer of the upcoming event, guys try to do their best to please girls and make them be interested in the continuation of the relationships. Experienced lady-killers know what to do on a date and how to impress a girl, usually relying on their own charisma and strong communication skills.

However, what about those who are not so self-confident? Those should be prepared in advance and have at least several aces in the hole. Here is a list of tips on what to do on your first date to get the most of it and not find yourself in an awkward position.

What to Do on a First Date?

The first date is an important moment in the development of any relationship, which in most cases determines whether you will continue your further communication with the girl or not. People fall in love regardless of the season, so it is necessary to have different options. Doing that, you will be able to choose the most suitable pastime, based on your preferences and the weather as well.

1. Outdoor activities in winter

A great option is to enjoy outdoor activities. Take your new girlfriend to a specially equipped sports complex. The choice is extremely wide, for example, you can go ice skating, skiing, sledding or snowboarding. However, pay attention to the following things.

  • Both of you should be able to skate, ski, etc., otherwise, you will find yourself in an awkward situation. If you have good skills in winter sports, then you can easily help a girl master this art. Ask her out on a date without a doubt. Thanks to this, you will be able to make a tactile contact in the shortest time, which will contribute to creating a relaxed and trusting atmosphere.
  • You should necessarily warn the girlfriend that you want to spend time in the fresh air and offer her to put on comfortable and warm clothes.
  • You should end such a date indoors, for example, in a cozy cafe or a small restaurant, where you can warm up and exchange impressions about the past hours without fuss.

2. Gaining new experience

Nothing brings people closer together than joint activities. Remember that it is never too late to learn new things, so you can safely choose a master class that will be interesting for both of you. If you have been communicating for a long time with the girl, and she mentioned something that she always wanted to try or learn, then you can use this information to please and surprise her. So, do you have any ideas on what to do on a first date with a girl? In megacities, there are an infinite number of master classes on any subject, especially if it is about the pre-holiday period.

  • It can be about making Christmas tree toys. It may be especially interesting to be involved in glass painting and the collection of non-standard decorations for the Christmas tree from various countries of the world.
  • Culinary experiments that will help learn the cuisine of different nations.
  • Any activity that takes place indoors, for example, roller skating, karting or an individual lesson with a teacher of sensual Latin American dances.
  • Learning to paint in oils or playing an unusual musical instrument, let a new girlfriend feel like a real artist or immerse herself in another culture and music.
  • You are free to choose any option that seems most suitable to you, however, don’t forget about the following moments.
  • Find out the girl’s areas of interest beforehand: you can study either her profile on the social network or a dating site. A rare modern girl doesn’t have an Instagram page or doesn’t use Facebook.
  • You should correctly calculate the duration and budget of the masterclass. Both of you should learn something new and have a great time together, so it should be rather a short but interesting and saturated event not to feel tired and exhausted afterward.

3. Attending cultural events

Art makes us better, so if you don’t know what to do on a first date, you can safely ask her out on an interesting cultural event. There are many different options, depending on your financial abilities and personal preferences. If you cannot come up with any suitable event, then you can choose something from the list below.

  • A concert of her favorite band. It will be especially great if you have alike tastes in music.
  • An exhibition of a modern painting or other original art objects.
  • A literary brunch or a poetry evening if she is a huge poetry lover.
  • Festivals of any subject and orientation (cinema and animation, the culture of various countries of the planet, etc.).
  • A theatrical play of classical or experimental drama.

What should be noted and thought out in advance? If you need tickets to attend the chosen event, purchase them beforehand. In many cases, it is better to get to the place by taxi to be on time and avoid awkward moments.

It is necessary to study all the information about the event up front to be able to share your knowledge with the girl during the meeting and be a competent interlocutor. This will make a positive impression on the girl. So, what do you do on a first date? Enjoy time together to the fullest, having chosen the right pastime.

What Not to Do on a First Date?

The first date is always accompanied by some discomfort. Being embarrassed, you may not know what to do for a first date and how to fill the pause. And if you have asked a girl out on a date, then you should learn about the tips on how not to spoil it. So, what not to do on a first date?

1. Organize a very expensive date

Do not try to “buy” her affection. A helicopter ride and a hundred red roses are great things, but you should keep these ideas for a closer relationship. If you do everything right, then you will have chances to show your generosity and ability to “surprise.” Otherwise, such behavior on the first date will look like a show-off. Girls do not always like it.

2. Go to the cinema

If you don’t know what to do for a date, it is not a reason to go to the cinema and watch a boring movie. This idea is an old cliché which shows your despair and unwillingness to come up with something more interesting. Two hours in the dark will kill any interest.

3. Demonstrate romantic things

Roses and candles are components of a standard set for a date, but only when you have already become better acquainted with the woman. Romantic things on the first date mean that you want to seduce her and have sex as soon as possible. Even if it is true, you should not be so explicit.

4. Go to a football match or play video games

If you usually do not miss a single match and are up to date on all the new video game products, this is great, but you should not wait for understanding from your new girlfriend if you arrange your first date in this way. Of course, there are unique girls who don’t mind drinking beer during the match in the company of a stranger, but it is rather an exception to the rule. If you aren’t 100% sure, then choose something better from the list above.

5. Walk in the wood

If you want to surprise the girl and go to some unusual place, don’t think that wood and an abandoned warehouse can be a suitable option for the first official meeting. Even if your date does not pretend to be the most “romantic” one, you should not go to such, to put it mildly, unromantic places.

6. Arrange a group date

“Offer your woman friend to join us, and I’ll call my friends” is a disgusting option! Firstly, this indicates a frivolity of intentions, and secondly, during a group meeting, the dynamics of events change in many ways, and it may not be very comfortable for everyone to be on your “first date.”

7. Participate in an alcoholic party

Traditionally, most of the first dates are about food and drinks. Wherever you go, be it a restaurant or a pub, try to drink less alcohol. Even if you have developed a certain resistance to intoxication, do not forget that the stressful situation, which is the first date, can play a cruel joke, and alcohol will go to your head faster than usual. Having become tipsy, you can say the wrong things, and your excessive courage will be inappropriate.

What to Do After a First Date?

The first date is a short but significant event that allows you to experience the most diverse range of feelings and impressions. The further development of your romantic relationship depends on how ideally the first meeting has passed. 

And the most exciting moments begin after it when the emotional woman and the rational man begin to evaluate their impressions after the first date. While the beauty is waiting for the call, the young man is thinking about his further actions. Do you need several tips on what to do after a first date? Here they are.

Progressive dinner

Spice up the usual dinner at the restaurant and get a table at least at several restaurants, which you haven’t visited yet to get new experience and find a theme for discussion. For example, start dining at one, try another dish at the second restaurant and finish with the dessert at the third one. Such a pastime can be very interesting and exciting. What to do on a second date? Arrange a multiethnic holiday for you two, start with sushi, continue your evening with a burrito and dilute it all with ice cream!


Every big city has a planetarium, which can give both of you incredibly rich impressions, help immerse you into the universe and make your second date a little bit brighter. A huge number of themes will allow you to choose the option that suits you most and will help find out the unknown secrets of the cosmos above your head. Many of these institutions offer a special romantic program, so you can use this option if you don’t want to think about what to do after a dinner date. For an extra fee, some planetariums can offer you a delicious dinner in a relaxed atmosphere before or after watching.


What could be more romantic and interesting than going together to the dolphinarium and swimming in the pool with real dolphins? These animals have a healthy effect on the human body. Therefore, by inviting your girlfriend to the dolphinarium, in addition to the unique impressions, you will give her the opportunity to improve her well-being and cheer up. There are also special night shows to which only couples are invited. After it, you can continue to get acquainted with the water element in the near water park. However, you should remember several important moments to bring this idea to reality.

Firstly, the girl should trust you and like such entertainment. Secondly, it is better to swim in the daytime. Thirdly, after swimming with dolphins, you should go to a café and allow the girl to discuss the experience gained while enjoying your meal.

Amusement park

Have you already found the answer to the question, “What do you do on a date?” If you don’t like any of the above-mentioned ideas, then what about going to an amusement park? This is a great idea, especially if you go there on a summer night! The park will glow with different colors, and you will have a great time in this little romantic but at the same time very fun place! If you want more romance, then go to the Ferris wheel. If you crave adrenaline, then feel free to buy tickets for a roller coaster.

Create the spark in your relationship by chasing each other in race cars, riding on a merry-go-round and grinning in a room of crooked mirrors! And do not forget about nice bonuses in the form of cotton candy, small donuts and slot machines with prizes! You will surely have a great time together and make a new appointment right there.

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