Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2020

Europe is a region with a long and rich history. Therefore, many European cities are famous for their attractions and fascinating landscapes, and they annually attract tourists to see beauty with their own eyes. And if you are planning a European vacation, best to fly business class, how to do it is described in this article.

Things to Remember Before Planning a Trip to Europe

Usually, the first trip abroad for each novice traveler is quite exciting. First of all, of course, you are overwhelmed with pleasant emotions of anticipation of a great adventure. Planning a trip to Europe where to start? The golden rule of each tourist who organizes a trip on their own: do not be lazy to read information about the country of your visit, starting from transport issues and ending with sights and work schedules of tourist objects. Fortunately, in our century, you can find absolutely any information on the Internet both on official resources and by reading the reviews of other travelers. All this will save you time and nerves as well as save you from unnecessary financial expenses. To not miss any information, you can take a Europe trip planner and put down all the important information.

Best Places in Europe to Visit

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling alone or you are planning Europe vacation with your significant other, or with a company of friends, in any case, traveling in Europe and exploring our wonderful world is one of the best ways to spend time and money. When planning the Europe trip, make sure to add these places to your tourist list.

·        Paris

This option will be of interest to couples in a romantic relationship, families with children, or those who have long wanted to meet single European women. It is a real romantic getaway! However, Disneyland will be of primary interest to families with children, usually, there are many interesting events.

·        Rome

There are cities in the world that everyone should definitely see with their own eyes. If you have never walked along the streets and squares of the Eternal City, then you should fix it, planning a trip to Europe.

·        Barcelona

It is beautiful, bewitching, spectacular and very unusual capital of Catalonia. It is the second huge city of the Iberian Peninsula, one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and the world, a favorite spot of travelers. Barcelona is so diverse and vibrant that it can rightfully be called one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

·        Amsterdam

The historic center of Amsterdam is the site of a huge number of medieval buildings, among which you can see churches, residential and commercial buildings. By the way, the city has a dense network of canals, so many buildings stand on stilts made of wood.

·        Athens

This is an incredible city in which ancient traditions and modernity are harmoniously interwoven with each other. You can spend a month in Athens, examining in detail all the ancient monuments and ruins, charming neoclassical buildings in the historical center and museums.

Average Prices in Europe

Europe is conditionally divided into two parts: western Europe and eastern Europe. In Western Europe, you can drink coffee in Paris, the cost of which will be far from cheap, or there are Swiss sweets that are much more expensive than your daily food costs. But it’s worth it. The feelings that you will experience in such places cannot be expressed in words.

Eastern Europe consists of countries such as Bulgaria and Romania, where food is pretty cheap and beer costs you less than one dollar. Of course, you will not find the Eiffel Tower there, but such countries have a rich history, and most importantly, beautiful and incredible landscapes, which in some cases are not inferior to those in western Europe. And a vacation in the east of Europe will cost less than in the west. If you don’t know how to plan a trip to Europe, you should better decide on what countries you want to visit and what budget you can afford to spend on it.

How to plan a trip to Europe

First, if you tell yourself, “I want to go to Europe,” you should sit and reflect on what you want to get, what countries attract you most and how you imagine your trip in general. Your further actions will depend on your preferences and budget. When you have figured out what your ideal trip looks like, you can start planning it. Everyone imagines their own version of “the best way to travel Europe.”

1. Destination

How to plan a Europe trip? First, decide on the destination. Planning a route is a very exciting process. At first, you should leave aside your rationalism, and allow yourself to fantasize. Choose the most attractive places and consider how you can combine them into one route.

2. Transportation

It is time to resolve the issue of airline tickets, it is the best way to travel in Europe. Study information about airlines, cheap flights, baggage allowance, rules of departure/ arrival at international airports. If you want to go by bus or a car, find out information about these means of transport.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most important issues when preparing for a vacation. It is not difficult to find and book the most suitable apartment on the Internet. You can choose the option for your taste: hotel, apartment or hostel.

4. Public transportation inside the country

Find out info about intercity transport. For example, how much does it cost to get tickets? This information will be useful for everyone who is going to use public transport during the trip. On the Internet, you can find sites of railway stations, bus companies, estimated prices for various tickets.

5. Food

One of the important stages of getting to know the country is the national cuisine, the food culture of residents. Look for useful information about various places that you should visit and find out how to save on food in Europe and try local delicacies, without going beyond the budget.

Tips for Traveling Europe

The best way to see Europe is to arrange your own trip. A quality vacation requires serious financial costs. If you want to be careless and don’t think about costs, you should figure out in advance how you can save money on vacation.

Telephone service. It is more profitable to purchase a SIM card of a local mobile operator. Thus, it will be more convenient to call home, and the telephone number of the country may come in handy in the future.

Hotel booking. When booking hotel rooms, it is useful to pay attention to the fact that the first options in the search list are offers with discounts of up to 75% and with breakfast included.

Shopping. Don’t forget that if you have too many purchases, you will have to pay extra for excess baggage on the way back if you travel by plane.

Sightseeing tours. Tours that are offered by tour operators will cost more than organized by local companies. It is profitable and interesting to organize an excursion on your own while using public transport.

Food. It is worth remembering that prices in cafes and restaurants often depend on location. You will pay more in the historical center. Therefore, it is advisable to choose places with a more democratic price range. Something might go wrong, something that you have never expected. Be prepared for all the possible challenges. You should have some cash as a reserve fund not to worry if the situation does not coincide with the plan that you have created. You can always change the travel route or stay home and use video chat russian.

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