Jewelry in Autumn Hues

{Alster Lake, Außenalster, Hamburg}

I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about this blog lately.  {In part because of a <<FAB>> online blogging course I just finished.  More on that in a future post.}  I’ve realized that I’ve been squandering the opportunity to share one of the coolest things about my life…that I live abroad.  {Duh.}  So I’m going to be doing more posts that reveal Hamburg, my life here, and of course, the places in Europe I’m lucky enough to travel to.

For the past week, I’ve been walking around the city, running errands, and thinking “what am I going to blog about?!”  I feel like crap.  {I’ve been sick.}  What inspiration entertainment piece-of-work-that-won’t-make-people-groan-and-roll-their-eyes can I come up with this week?


{a fall color palette in Alsterpark, Hamburg}

Hope you enjoyed a mini-tour of my favorite park in the city.  And by the way, if you come to Hamburg, you have to experience the lake.  It’s like the beating heart of this town.

Photos: All jewelry is from my personal collection.  Photo 1: Late sunrise.  Photos 2: Amethyst and gold vermeil, pearl and silk necklace, bought in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.  Photos 3: purple silk/cotton fabric in gold vermeil frame with amethyst dangles, bought in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (left); glass, pearl and gold vermeil (right).   Photo 4: Early row on a clear morning.  Photos 5:  Deep pink quartz, pearl and gold vermeil earrings, bought in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.  Photos 9-10: Vintage ART brooch (left), bought at flea market in Minnesota; vintage green rhinestone necklace, bought in flea market in Minnesota (middle); antique Art Deco glass bracelet, bought at antique fair in Hamburg (right).

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