Blickfang: Design Shopping in Hamburg

We had seen (well-designed!) signs all over Hamburg for Blickfang, the International Design Shopping Show.  The show began years ago in Stuttgart, Germany, and has been traveling to different cities in Europe over the last couple of years.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but when I see the words shopping and design in the same sentence, my interest is piqued!

The show included products of all kinds: furniture, rugs, kitchen wares (high-tech cutting boards!), home décor items (vases…), clothing, handbags, jewelry and the new 2-door MINI Countryman in a shade of brilliant royal blue.

It was a design show, but every designer was there to SELL.  Most vendors were from Hamburg and around Germany, but there were vendors from as far as way as Uruguay.  The coolest part about these kinds of shows are that you have the opportunity to meet the designers.  I love hearing about what their works mean to them, what their inspirations are…

How did we do? Well, let’s put it this way, we had to make an emergency ATM run (5 blocks away!)!

My haul included:

* earrings from Pictofactum (read my interview with Pictofactum designer next week!)

* navy velvet coat from Lothar Daniel Bechtold (see above)

* a gift for my mom (so I can’t disclose what it is yet!) from Maria Lasarga

* delicate silver and gold earrings and ring from Charlotte Wooning

* carved wood words to be used as pendants on necklaces

* hand-blown glass bell jars at the Deictorhalledesign shop

Next time you get the itch to shop, see if there’s an independent designers’ event going on – you’ll be ahead of the crowd, supporting artists and getting a great value for you money!

Pro shopping tip: if you can, go on the opening day of the show for the best selection. (And the last day for the best deals!)

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